How to Submit

Submitting Papers

Observational Studies is now accepting submissions.  All manuscripts should be submitted via the Scholastica online submission system.

To submit an article for consideration in an upcoming issue please click the blue button. 



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Preparing Papers and LaTex Template

Authors using LaTex are encouraged to use the template sample.tex. In addition please use the style file obs_study_style.sty and the bibtex file, sample.bib. 

All three files are available for download by clicking this link, SampleFiles

While an initial submission does not need to use LaTex, if your paper is accepted, we require that the authors provide a LaTex file.  The editor can recommend services that can convert files in Word or other formats to LaTex for a fee.   

Reference Style

Citations within the text should include the author’s last name and year, for example (Cheeseman and Carrotwoman, 1992). Append lower-case letters to the year in case of ambiguity, as in (Cheeseman, 1993a). References in the text should be ordered by author’s surname and publication date. In publications by three or more authors, all are listed the first time, and first author et al. used subsequently. In publications with more than six authors, first author et al. is used throughout.

The recommended citation style file natbib, is included in obs_study.sty. It supports citations with macros such as \citep{} and \citet{}. The basic uses of \citep{} and \citet{} are as follows:

\citet{jon90} => Jones et al. (1990)
\citet[chap.~2]{jon90} => Jones et al. (1990, chap. 2)
\citep{jon90} => (Jones et al., 1990)
\citep[chap.~2]{jon90} => (Jones et al., 1990, chap. 2)
\citep[see][]{jon90} => (see Jones et al., 1990)
\citep[see][chap.~2]{jon90} => (see Jones et al., 1990, chap. 2)
\citet*{jon90} => Jones, Baker, and Williams (1990)
\citep*{jon90} => (Jones, Baker, and Williams, 1990)


For details on making citations with natbib macros, see the natbib documentation (Patrick W. Daly. Natural sciences citations and references. Available electronically at

Examples of the citation style are the following:

Asimov, I. (1951). Foundation. Gnome Press, New York.

Cochran, W.G. (1965). The planning of observational studies of human populations. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A (General), 128(2):234–266.